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Math and Hollywood

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    why in Hollywood they link math to god? or some weird mystery? is it because if they didn't people will friggin fall asleep? I watched movies like pi by Darren aronofsky also the man who knew infinity ( I know it is based on true story) yet its all so religious!
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    They have ZERO concern for actual science/math so why should they not do that if they think it will make the movie good? Probably 90% of the people in the country have no interest in math beyond balancing their checkbook.
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    that is true, but even in reality I noticed for example in the mainstream media in general when they talk about math, they always bring up individuals with similar views, you know guys like Newton, Godel, ramanujan (which the movie was about him) and many others...
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    It's not just Hollywood. Math and the divine have always been linked throughout the ages. Numbers have been ascribed different divine meanings. For example, in christianity we have 3, 7, 13, 666 (or 616). Every religion has linked numbers with the divine, some go more into it than others. The Pythagoreans went really far into it.

    It's not really surprising. The divine is often seen to be perfect. Nothing gives as much perfection in our real world as mathematics. The rules seem universal and eternal. Establishing a link between the two is to be expected.

    Many people and even famous scientists have gone as far to say that entire science is inspired by the divine. It's not a popular view anymore, but throughout history you saw it a lot.
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    I think in the past the marriage between religion and "anything" else was actually an evil idea, you know to gain some sort of (authority) over others, and control them, for example in Islam they told people in their left hand palm they will see the number 81 written in Arabic, the right palm the number 18, add them together and it gives them 99, now that is the total number of names of Allah in Quran!!! I get this from the priests and state figures wants to do that, I also understand that many people want to believe in it too, as Nietzsche once said "sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed" anyways as you said it is not fashionable for scientists today to relate math with religion, however I see a certain push from the media toward that direction.
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    It's sad that you see things this way, since religion did cause quite some progress in both math and science, even though nowadays they only focus on the negative relationship between the two.
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    I believe "people" made progress during whatever zeitgeist they were at, it could be religion, nationalism, money or whatever.
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    And many scientists were devout religious people and indicated doing science to understand the divine. I don't get what you're arguing against. So your OP is inaccurate since hollywood wasn't the one who decided to mix religion and science. It happened way before that.
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    Of course Hollywood wasn't the one, Hollywood came after religion ok? And it is a powerful tool indeed and it's tendencies toward that mix is rather obvious, specially the last 10 years in Hollywood there was a heavy investment in religious movies (the same pi director Darren Aronofsky did Noah in 2014)
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    This brings to mind "The God Particle" and all the hype fueled by the media. I think I read somewhere that actual physicists do not like that nickname very much.
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    exactly, and the list is huge, any sinister institution will benefit a lot when they bring "god" was it for arm sales, election or simply brainwashing. and sadly a lot of people begging for it too and/or being socially engineered towards that mentality. I am not Bernie sanders supporter (I loathe all politicians) but in 2016 top DNC officials wanted to use sanders religious beliefs against him (that he was an atheist and not religious, and America is not ready for an atheist president) I am like wow! what is this 14 century!
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