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Math and Physics Path

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    Hi everyone, I am currently a first year college student in my university in australia. I am doing Double major in Physics and Applied Maths.

    I'm worrying about my career path for this double major. I looked up on the internet about people with applied maths and/or physics. Many of them invented fascinating things. I can't list them all because there are so many of them.

    But I can give at least 3 example:
    Seamus Blackley - Physics degree - Inventor of xbox
    Dennis Ritchie - Physics and Applied maths degrees - Inventor of C programming language and Unix
    Joseph engelberger - physics degree - invented the first industrial robot
    (many math graduates invented programming language)

    So my question(s) are:
    • List any career paths that are possible with applied math and physics
    • Do you think employer from an electronics company hire me as a physics graduate?
    • Im interested in gaming and stuff, so do you think I can work on building any gaming device/console? and programming games?
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