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I have been thinking abought goining into physics as a career. I'm only 15 but I want to start learning physics now.I was wondering which math courses i need to take. Like what types of abgebra i need to take since there are so many diffrent branches of it.


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I am assuming your still in high school:

You'll need a background in algebra I and II and Trigonometry for an average high school physics course. So, if you are planning on self studying physics, you may need to study some of these topics first.

For your future reference, you should take the following high school math courses in order to be adequately prepared for an introductory university course in physics:

Algebra I & II
Calculus (While an AP Calc course will help, I only had a normal calculus course and I had no trouble with university calculus/physics courses.)

Some of these topics may be covered in same course and that is fine. The point is that you have been exposed to all of these subjects and are comfortable with them.

Focus on mastering your high school math and science courses and your off to a great start in your physics career.

Good luck to you!
I dont want to wait for the courses, I was hoping i could learn by my self. I'm in 9th grade and i wont be able to take calculus until 12th grade.
I don't think you really need a course specifically in precalc, Algebra II mostly covers the same stuff.

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