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Math application

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    i was wandering if there is like a math program/application that can help me with math problems like homework and all. i need something that can solve a problem for me or help me step by step?
    any ideas
    thanks a bunch!
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    That's a double edged sword! A competent math program like MuPAD will certainly let you cover a lot more territory in a short time. However, if you haven't mastered the basics, which you learn by DOING, then simply seeing more answers won't really help you master the basics in the long run. Used properly, such programs can be of great benefit.
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    As said before, nothing is quite as good as trying to solve the problem yourself. There are a lot of programs which solve things and that is good for checking answers, but that's all computer programs are really good for (until you get a lot more advanced).

    If you’re in the U.K (and you probably look up the needed stuff if you live in any other country) then www.mathsnet.net has a lot of good examples for almost any problems from early school to A Level with step by step on how to solve. But really it's no substitute for a teacher.
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    All the old math textbooks I have, have the problems solved in steps. Like 60's-70's Schaum's Outline Series (MGH).

    Only a doller each at a book fair too! Why people throw away textbooks is a mystery.
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