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Math books

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    (sorry for my poor english.) is there a math book for learning mathematics from the beggining until university level, like there's University Physics for physics?
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    Could you be a little more precise? From the beginning is a vast region. Also university level might strongly depend on what you intend to study there. And if your English is poor, what would be a preferred language?
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    Not that I'm aware of. I've seen a Schaums Outline that covers much of undergraduate math in one book:


    and there's the Arfken and Weber reference:


    or the Boaz:


    and lastly the free Prof Nearing reference:


    There's also the MathIsPower4U.com website with a large collection of free videos on high school to undergraduate level math.
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    fresh_42 by beggining I mean from pre algebra to what you learn in the high school

    jedishrfu those books are so hard for me :smile:
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    Sorry, in this area I don't have enough knowledge about english book markets.
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    George Jones

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    Stroud looks pretty good. It uses the self-teaching problem at a time approach with the answer at the start of the next problem.

    Another one with a historical bent is Jan Gullberg's tome:

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    George Jones
    great books

    someone knows a good book wich I can learn what are series, factorial, what are natural numbers, rational numbers, geometric and arithmetic progressions, ... ? i.e. a book wich starts from the beggining of the math
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    I suggest middle school + high school textbooks. The fundamental set of knowledge is here (except for series which is a university level topic). I recently read an excellent middle school level textbook (not in english unfortunately) and I really enjoyed myself. In particular, I did learn things that I forgot in geometry and arithmetics, and I found many interesting problems. I discovered that some adults with upper level scientific education could not solve middle school level problems, which was a real surprise.
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