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Math brain teaser help

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    How would I hypothetically, go about solving this problem:

    Replace each G with one of the digits from 1 through 9 to make a true statement, each digit may only be used once.


    Thanks guys,
    Mk. :cool: :biggrin:
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    How about hypothetical trial and error??
    :biggrin: :rofl: :biggrin:
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    I know, but that is so dirty!
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    Well, you might want to look into what digits are divisible by others, that should reduce the number of possibilities a bit...
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    Well, if its any help, Richard Feynman once said that there need not be a methodical solution to every problem. If you can tell just by looking at 3x+1=10 that the answer x=3 works, then it is a valid solution. (he said this in reference to a friend who had trouble with his algebra, but knew the answers anyways). Anyways, that just means that any way of getting to the answer is a good one. So dont feel dirty!
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    Sounds like a Physics professor I had who would solve differential equations by writing the answers down and then verify them. (He'd tinker a bit if he was wrong. But it was fascinating to watch.)

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    Probably was a fan of Feynman (its kinda hard not to be these days). In any case, I would help find the solution, except it reminds me too much of Su Doku. Best of luck!
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    The Answer

    The answer to the question is given below in white

    6/(2*1) + 8*7*5/4 + 9*3 =100

    Q: How did I do it?
    A: Hypothetical trial and error (at least that is what my computer did)

    :biggrin: :rofl: :biggrin:
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