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Math Math - Career Choice?

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    Math - Career Choice??


    I was wondering if the mathematicans on the forums could help me out with my choices for the next few years?? (i am going to speak to my undergrad counciler in a few weeks)..

    I am starting 3rd year Math (CORE programme) in September. I am also Minoring in Finance (Commerce Department).

    In the Future I want to go to grad school for Financial Mathematics!

    Would my minor in finance play a really good role? I could ditch the minor and pick up more undergrad math classes....

    So my question is is it worthwhile to take a Minor in Finance or take more undergrad math classes TOO prepare me for an a Master in Mathematical Finance?
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    Do you want to work in research or for, eg., an investment bank?
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    Nope... I want to do a Masters in Financal Math... and I was wondering if a Minor in Finance would be worth doing...

    In the far future, I hope to pass all actuary exams and work as an actuary.
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    matt grime

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    well, we might not be the best people to ask, since by and large we have no interest in finance, or mathematical finance or economics (and we seem, on the whole, to find the whole thing a little bit silly - pushing money around to make money does not appeal to our vocational souls; we're earning a pittance in the public sector when far less intelligent people are making thier fortunes for a reason, though that might depend on your definition of intelligence I suppose...)

    I had no idea such a thing even existed.
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    I agree with Matt's analysis, that a large body on here are interested in science, not finance, but I still have an opinion:

    I think minoring in finance would be a bit redundant when you're doing Mathematical Finance. On the other hand, trying a minor in economy or game theory or even business psychology might provide some interesting insight into the roles of mathematical finance (whatever that is).

    I'm only assuming subtly in my subconscious what mathematical finance is though, so I may be 'zooming out' too much from your interests
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    what a terrible generalization about the finance inudstry, and the intellegence of the people in it. Im not reading about your noteworthy causes in the physcs papers...
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    matt grime

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    I did point out that we might not be the people to consult for a reasoned opinion about the subject. Mathematicians on the whole have quite strong opinions about these things, some reasonable, some not so, but ask and we shall tell. The thought of solving pdes or writing computer algorithms to help stupidly rich companies become even more stupidly rich is not one that seems to appeal to many (research) mathematicians I know: that is why we're doing research. Almost all of us have had the offers to become quant analysts or, heaven forfend, accountants, and turned them down to do something else. Perhaps you would have preferred (as perhaps would I, I think) if I'd've used 'less mathematically able' than 'intelligent'.
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    it exists for example at university in chicago.

    financial mathematic is a goal of mine too. I am in the same situation as you do too. I am a third year student in a US school.

    as far as i know, this degree would like you to have working experience in financial industry. Basic knowledge of accounting and finance is recommanded by most good school. This degree is very similar to operational research, and computational finance. Also, this is a professional degree in most school just like MBA, it would be nicer if you obtain your MS degree in academia. post what classes you ahve taken, I can give you my OPINION, not experience tho:frown:
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    if we didn't feel smarter than people in finance, we would be miserable looking at their average salaries!

    in my dads old joke book there was some exchange between a wise acre hobo and a rich man like: "if you are so smart, why arent you rich?"

    "well if you are so rich, why aint you smart?":tongue2:
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