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Math Computer Program?

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    :: Math Computer Program??? ::

    do you guys know if there is a computer program that can solve equations, graph stuff, expand polynomials, solve matrices etc.?

    thanks alot for help.
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    Mathematica is probably the most popular.
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    Mupad and Octave
    Octave runs on the least restrictive license
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    there are many ...the top 3 Matlab(linear systems) Maple(canada-applied math) and mathematic(symbolic math, US i'm assuming).
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    I really like Maple, but I believe the softwares others have just mentioned will do the job for the use you're looking for.
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    are these programs like mathematic and maple terribly complicated to use? i'm not such an expert.
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    We have no idea what kind of background you have, either in mathematics or in the use of a computer, so we can't really say whether those programs will be difficult for you or not.

    - Warren
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    they are standards for undergraduate first years.
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    ok, i'm in grade 11 right now... i guess i can figure it out if they are standard for undergrad 1st years
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