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  1. May 18, 2009 #1
    How exactly does it work when a beginning graduate student wants to attend a conference? Do they usually take care of the hotel accommodations and flight reservations? How do they approve funding? Do I need a "reference" or do they just see that I'm a real grad student (i.e. my web address and departmental webpage) and approve the funding? I want to attend a conference in August, and I'm wondering what my chances will be. A lot of these conferences say "grad students encouraged to attend."
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    The conference does not usually pay for your room or travel. They give you a discounted registration fee though. You can sometimes apply for room and travel grants through the agency putting on the conference and sometimes your department might sponsor your travel. Otherwise, if your research is funded, there is usually travel money in most grants. But the PI decides if you get to use it or not.
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    Your email address will be the giveaway that you're a real grad student. As for funding, this depends upon lots of things, but in the majority of cases it will be your home institution that coughs up the cash. You will have to book accommodation and flights, though, and you will usually be reimbursed.
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    Your department or graduate school may have funds available to you [usually with a limit, often first-come first-served].
    Your chances may be improved if you are making a presentation.
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