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Courses Math Courses and Such.

  1. Sep 6, 2009 #1

    I'm currently attending a community college and I'm a Math/Econ major (yes, I know some of you think it's a joke). Anyway, I want to transfer to UCLA or UCBerkeley, but I just had a general question about math classes and such.

    This semester, I'm not taking any math classes because I thought I'd be able to use my score from my Calculus AB AP test (4) to fill my Calc 1 requirement, but UCLA recommended that I do it over, so here's where the question comes into play.

    I need to take Calc 1, 2, and 3 along with Discrete Math (I have no idea what that is), Differential Equations (no idea what that is either), and Linear Algebra. How would you guys recommend tackling this course load (I need to finish cc in two years)?


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    Depends, if someone gives you a test of Calc AB material, would you be able to complete that test with a good portion of answers correct? If yes, then go ahead and skip it, if not, then you'll probably have to retake the class.

    Well, the courses follow each other in a sequence (Calc 1,2,3, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations) so you'll need to complete one before taking the next one. Discrete Math is a bit different, different institutions have different course prerequisites (some require Calc 2, others Calc 3).

    Because each one of them is a semester-long course, it'll take you 2.5 years to complete the sequence if you retake Calc 1 (you can take discrete math concurrently with either LA or DE)
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    Doesn't your community college have course descriptions online? If they don't, and if those courses are supposed to be transferable to UCLA or Berkeley, then look up those courses on those schools' websites.
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    I was thinking of doing Calc 1 (because I probably wouldn't be able to get 100% on a final test) next semester, then Calc 2 and C++ over summer. Then next year I'd take Calc 3 and Linear Algebra and the semester after that DE and Discrete Math.

    Do you think Calc 3 and Linear Algebra would be too difficult to do in one semester?

    @jtbell yeah, I have to take all these math courses in order to transfer. My school's website has course descriptions =)
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    What you've listed is quite a standard sequence of basic university-level mathematics courses; there's nothing for you to be afraid of. I would recommend that you tackle this course load in exactly the same way that thousands of math and physics students have in the years before you: take it seriously and work hard. I suggest doing calc 1 and 2 in the first year (to gain your first bit of mathematical maturity), and the rest in the 2nd year.
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    Elementary linear algebra can also be taken in your first year
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