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Math Math courses that teach

  1. Aug 20, 2009 #1
    Are there math courses in university that teach you how to invest in the stock market? If so can you link me a website that explains what the course teaches.

    Also I am thinking about getting into Mathematics or Physics as teaching career. Which one do you think would be better to make money? I think math because of the stock market and other related stuff.
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    Try investopedia.com. It'll teach you all the basics and there's a virtual stock-market trader there. You can invest without using real money until you're comfortable. Unless you can see the future, there's no real way you can make a quick dollar in stocks. Most investments are long term.

    As for teaching, what do you want to teach and how much money do you expect or feel you need to earn to live a comfortable life?
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    I wish to teach one of the subjects. I really don't care which one. I just want the one that will make me the most income from the subject being taught and from the investments. I will look over that website later, however, I feel that if I study investing in school it would be best for me because I have to learn everything to get a good mark. So if there is a course that you know about please copy the information to here for me.

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    This reminds me. I shorted some stocks in investopedia a while back just for the hell of it. I bet I'm racking in some virtual money right now. Now if only I can remember the password. :rofl:

    There is not single undergraduate degree that can teach you how to do well in the stock market, not to mention a single course. If you're looking for a get rich quick plan then I'm sorry to tell you it's not in the stock market.
  6. Aug 20, 2009 #5
    All I am looking for is to completely understand the stock market so I won't lose a ton of money if I invest. I feel it is best to study this in school then to trust myself on a website.
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    The problem is that you can't teach how the world is going to be in the future. The stock market isn't a mathematical model. There was never a course that could have told you that Microsoft would be worth 70 billion dollars so invest in it.
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    There are some people who can actually read the stock market well but they are very few. You can check them out at in the investopedia virtual trader. I always look at the top 4 people and try to figure out what they were trading.
  9. Aug 20, 2009 #8
    If there was anyone who could reliably predict the stock market, they'd have to be some sort of idiot to teach other people how to do it instead of just trading themselves.
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    There <i>is</i> no viable way of predicting the stockmarket; it is as result of the individual psychologies of millions of people participating in it. I'd think taking business courses and psychology/sociology courses would be much more useful on the stock market than a physics or math course.
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