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Math diversities

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    I'm interested to find out how many people would agree on several quick solutions:

    10X = 4X

    1) X = 0

    2) 10 = 4 (!?)

    3) 10 = 4 (differentiating !?)

    4) or integrating .... (1?)
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    Huh ???

    I agree that 1) is a solution to 10x = 4x, but as for the rest I have no idea what you are talking about.
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    The only reasonable choice is answer 1.

    The other choices indicate a lack of knowledge in fairly basic mathematics.
    Choice 2 is not reasonable because it results in a contradiction. In this case, dividing by x is dividing by zero.
    Choice 3 is not reasonable because the equation you start with is a conditional equation (i.e., true only for a specific value or values), not one that is identically true.
    Choice 4 is not reasonable for the same reason.
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