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Math education: Singapore Math

  1. Jul 31, 2010 #1
    Anyone familiar with Singapore Math?

    http://www.thearticlemonkey.com/2010/07/28/reasons-why-the-singapore-math-coaching-method-desirable-for-children/ [Broken]

    Do you know any teacher who is using this teaching method in North America?

    If so, please share the success stories, and the not-so-successful ones you heard of.
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    I know of homeschooling parents who use Singapore Math with their kids, mostly with good results.

    The topics covered in their secondary school math program are all mixed, unlike what we do in the US. For instance, in their New Elementary Math series, here are the main topics covered (taken from their website -- http://www.singaporemath.com/" [Broken] is their home page):
    These books are for grades 7-10 in Singapore. Hmm, and weren't they ranked #1 in the TIMMSS study or something?

    There is a forum for Singaporemath.com, which you can find http://www.singaporemaths.com/forums/forum.php" [Broken].

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    I used the Primary year 3 and 4 workbooks with my daughter. When first looking at them the progression seems deceptively simple. After trying another system for 6 months (Jump math), we returned to Singapore math and realized that it is very very well designed. Jump is ok, but Singapore is better.

    It progresses a little faster than the standard Canadian (and I assume US) grade system. I am not aware of its results in a classroom setting - perhaps Jump was better suited to that.

    Disclaimer: I am a highly motivated parent who likes to teach and likes math. Your results may vary.
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