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Math/FARM or CS (Waterloo)

  1. May 24, 2012 #1


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    Hey guys, I'm really struggling to decide which of these two offers I should accept.

    1) Computer Science
    2) Mathematics/Financial Analysis and Risk Management

    I don't want to give a lot of details on my current stance on the decision as I've found that it tends to get me answers such as "go with what you're passionate about" or gives off a bias in others' opinions on the programs.

    I'm looking for any comments you guys may have on either program and which one, if given the choice, you would prefer. Thanks a lot to anyone who replies, this is a big decision and I appreciate your advice! :)

    NOTE: I'm not just going with whatever you guys tell me to go with, the reason I don't like answers that say "go with what you're passionate about" is that I already know this and I'm trying to get information that I can use to make the right decision.
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    One of the things to consider at the moment are the career options each of the major provide. If you think about it, if you choose Mathematics/Financial Analysis and Risk Management, you'd be narrowing down your career options quite a lot. Whereas on the other hand, Computer Science would provide a much broader choice of jobs. So I'd say go with Comp Science.
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