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Math for Grad-Level Physics

  1. Mar 21, 2009 #1
    Hey everyone,

    So I'm about to graduate with my B.S. in Physics, and am taking some years off of school to go into teaching, as it has become a new found passion of mine over the past few months. However, I do not want to give up on expanding my mind as far as physics goes, as I do eventually have aspirations of grad school(either physics or geophys.), and plan to do alot of independent research into more advanced ideas in physics, but from what I've seen, I am going to need to do some work with math first.

    Currently I would say I have very strong grasps on Calculus, Algebra, and Geometry, and am currently taking Linear Algebra and Differential Equations, leading the class grade-list for both. I know I have to familiarize myself with Probability/Stats, as I've never taken a formal class in it, but what other higher level maths should I aquaint myself and become comfortable with for higher level physics?

    Also apologize if there is a similar thread, as its nearly 3am and I just realized at the end of typing this out that we have a search function here...:D

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    thanks, i assumed there was a thread already but didnt find it...
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