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Math forums suggestion

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    Considering that this is a physics and math help forum, I believe that admin should add a sub-forum for statistical mathematics, probability, and/or mathematics for business. Although they aren't "conventional" science-related maths, they are maths nonetheless, and i think that they are deserving of a subforum. Hopefully someone will agree with me. thanx
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    Tom Mattson

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    That would certainly be one of them.

    Student007, "business math" is not a different kind of math. It simply entails algebra, calculus, probability, and statistics. We have sections to discuss all of those. To my knowledge the only quantitative business subject that isn't covered by our math section is accounting. But then again, accounting isn't math. (although if you ask nicely you might get someone to discuss accounting in our Social Sciences Forum, which would include economics).
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    Thanx guys...I guess i missed that subforum
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