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Math golden ratio tattoo

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    I've been thinking of getting a math-related tattoo, and I decided to go ahead with it, but I'm not sure what it should be. Maybe a small Euler spiral on my wrist? My mother thinks I should get the rational version of the golden ratio, but I think that'd just be lame. Thoughts please?
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    Euler’s identity as a tramp stamp, imho
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    What's a tramp stamp? Is that slang for tattoo, and is it derogatory?
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    A tramp stamp is slang for a tattoo on the small of your back, it's called this because lose and promiscuous are known to have them
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    Dude there is like literally a dozen threads on this, and hundreds of replies if you look at the similar threads on the bottom of this page
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    I mean no offense, but your mother is simply wrong. The rational version of the golden ratio is universally acknowledged to be asthetically lame. You can tell her I said so.
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