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Math grade

  1. Dec 24, 2007 #1
    Let's say you're getting 80-90 in the lowest class for math in high school Is there anyway for you to get into Math pure?

    Oh and another question, lets say a person who got a lower grade then you in Math got into Math pure. Can schools really do that?
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    Gib Z

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    Welcome to PF Gokuraku!

    Since different schools require different requirements for the course, it's best to ask someone who has already gotten into the course, or a student adviser. Really the best advice I can give you is to try to improve your grades, which is a sure fire way for them to want to accept you.

    I hope I was of some assistance.
  4. Dec 31, 2007 #3
    Let's say a person slacked off in high-school, and graduated with strictly "passing" grades.

    Let us then say that person studied math by themselves after graduation, and vastly improved their understanding.

    What options does this person have as far as being accepted into a college math program?
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    An undergraduate college can test you for your possible Mathematics course placement and then advise you; or you could spend a year or so at a community college officially earning good grades (should be workable, since you already studied some on your own after high school), and then transfer to a regular or undergraduate college/university with no big troubles.
  6. Jan 1, 2008 #5
    As long as you fulfilled certain educational requirements in High School like took four years of math and english an some foreign language, then you can go to most schools as an external student for a semester or two and then apply for admittance into the school. But, I wouldn't do this at Harvard because you most certainly won't get in unless you really dazzle someone, ha. Any state school would be a good place to do this and then after you are in you could just transfer at the end of your second year to a better school if you wanted (like Harvard, ha).
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