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Homework Help: Math graduate program

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    This doesn't really classify as a homework question, but this is the best place I could think of to post this. My apologies if I am in the wrong.

    I'm planning on continuing my math education all the way through the doctorate level. However, at the moment, I have only the barest of ideas as to which schools have a good graduate program in math. And I have absolutely no clue as to which schools have excellent math programs. I figured that this was pretty much one of the best communities to pose my question to. Can anyone give me some information? Cost is secondary at the moment; for now (and for some time to come), I'm just window-shopping.
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    I think you should first tell people where you are now...I don't mean that i can help you, but if I can, I sure will...
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    Oops, I knew I forgot something. I'm in the US, so anywhere in this country would be preferable, but I'm still open to overseas options.
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    In all honesty, there's a school in just about every state with an excellent math program. You need to decide where you wnat to spend the next few years of your life and then look at schools in that region.

    here'd be my list:

    University of Michigan(current alma matter)
    University of California-Berkeley
    University of Chicago
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    California Institute of Technology
    University of California-Los Angeles
    University of Hawaii Manoa(I wnet here for a couple of semesters--love Hawaii)
    Wayne State University

    They are in order BTW. Though I'm chasing an ME this time around I know the above all have good to excellent math programs. UH Manoa probably is on the good side but the location is superior to any other.
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    How conveeeenient. :smile:
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    lol Yeah I know.... Manoa still has a good program as does Michigan. UIC, and UC Berkely are probably a little better though.
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