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Math help? Concurrent schedules of reinforcement

  1. Dec 12, 2014 #1
    In concurrent schedules of reinforcement [a mouse has a choice between pressing a button to get sugar or pressing it to get cheese], the choice or preference between the two alternative response is calculated by the relative rate of response and is represented by the quotient:

    Ra + Rb

    Where Ra and Rb represent the rate of response in option a and option b, respectively.
    [I guess they mean option a is pressing the sugar and b is the cheese]

    Does this make sense to anyone? I don't understand why you divide those things into each other or what sort of use the answer you get could possibly be.

    Let's say he presses the button for sugar 5 times and for cheese twice

    5/(5 + 2)

    Ok now he presses the button for sugar twice and for cheese 5 times.

    What the goose use is that to anyone!?

    Is there something missing? Should it say something like "anything over .5 means a is preferred and anything under .5 means b is preffered? Would that make sense?

    Maybe it's just so obvious they can't be bothered to mention it .

    I translated this, here's the original, in case i messed up:
    Volviendo a los programas concurrentes, la elección o preferencia entre las alternativas de respuesta se
    calcula por la tasa relativa de respuesta y se representa por el cociente:
    Donde Ra y Rb representan, respectivamente, la tasa de respuesta en la alternativa a y la tasa de respuesta
    en la alternativa b.

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