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    Hey all,

    I don't know if this is the correct forum, but can anyone give me advice on remembering material? My professor has a lot to cover in a short amount of time, and so we move through materials rather quickly. Now, this has no bearing on my tests, quizzes, or homework (I'm doing rather well in all areas of the class.) This is more of a personal issue. We'll cover something for one week and I'll do extremely well at it and nail down all the concepts and ideas. We have quizzes every week, and for the most part, I'll ace them. The problem is that if I open up my notes and work from three or four weeks ago, I'll draw a blank!

    We move through material really fast and so I don't get to work out a lot of problems on my own time to really ingrain them in my head. I'll learn the stuff well enough to get the homework and tests correct, but once that section is over I'll forget the concepts a few weeks later.

    Any tips?
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    Concepts generally do not stay in your head unless you work with them a lot. My only advice to you is to find problems that you learned in the pass and keep them in practice. Well, actually what I did was whenever we learned a new concept I applied them to the old concepts.

    For example, finding arc length. Then you learn how to integrate with trig subs. Go find an arc length that requires trig sub. If you cannot find one, make one up. Might be hard, but it's an idea.
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    I'll give it a shot, thanks. I went to Barnes & Noble and bought some workbooks that might keep me occupied during my free time.
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    As said above, problems help you keep the process fresh in your head. Learn a little bit of the theory so that even if you forget formulas and such you know where they're coming from and how it's applied. Go over your notes from last time at some point before each class. Make an outline of what you have covered so far so you can see the structure of the course and understand the big picture, so that it doesn't seem like independent little facts
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