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Math high

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    first time posting here in this section, cause see i was looking for a pschology section and this about as close as i could get. if this is off topice feel free to delete.

    anyway, so i have this funny thing that happens once in a while: if i spend like 1.5 hrs doing something that excercies my brain, like solving some problems or something (not mindless hw), then i get this like 'high' that lasts about 1 hour after. its like your brain feel all clear etc.

    just wondering if anyone else has this feeling...?

    or am i clinically insane? :rolleyes:
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    moved from Metaphysics & Epistemology.

    edit: for future reference, you can post psychology topics in the Social Sciences forum. However, this topic seems more about sharing personal anecdotes than about psychology as a science, so it's more appropriate for General Discussion.
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