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Math is said to be a superset of physics

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    Math is said to be a superset of physics. Can geometry then, a subset of mathematics, be formally considered a superset of physics?
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    Erm... no?

    Mathematics isn't a superset of physics. The study of maths is a separate vocation that while closely related to physics and in many ways interlinked, does not bear the relation you ascribe.

    The way I see it:

    Maths is the set containing Applied Maths and Pure Maths

    Physics contains subsets that are also in Applied Maths.

    Physics and Maths hence overlap in terms of applied maths, but are both on the same level.
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    Re: Math-->Geometry-->Physics

    I have never heard of a formal definitions of "a" physics along the line of what we can identify as "a" geometry... Nevertheless I believe that almost always we have understood physics only when we have identified a specific geometry whose renamed entities are now physical observables. That is to say physics is the science/art of renaming geometric entities!

    How many physical laws are just physical interpretations of mathematical theorems?
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    Who said "math is a superset of physics"? I would suspect that he knew neither math nor physics well.
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    Oh, well, Alexander! Now it makes sense!

    (Alexander who??)
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    David Alexander?
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    Alexander the PF2 veteran who claimed maths was the causal event for the universe.

    Nah, I wouldn't think he would say that. At most he will just claim that Maths IS Physics.
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