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Math Joke (variation)

  1. Jul 2, 2008 #1
    After the "I DERIVE YOU" math joke (posted somewhere in the stickys)
    Here is one having a similar punchline, but, in my son's opinion, with a MUCH better joke:

    A constant function and an exponential function are walking down the street and they see a partial derivative. "Go over and talk to her" says the exponential function. "I cant, she'll differentiate me and I'll disappear!" says the constant function. The exponential function says "Okay, I will then. I'm e to the x!".

    So he goes over and says "Hi, I'm e to the x!"
    The partial derivative says "Hi! I'm d/dy"

    Yeah! :smile: (Also celebrating said son's graduation Master's Math at Exeter, so I am going to be telling all and sundry lame math jokes for about a week!) Yeah! Yeah! :smile:
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    What does this has to do with the calculus of VARIATION???

    I am very disappointed in you.
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    Pass on congratulations to said son - on the graduation, not the joke. The said version also exists in the sticky.
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    Forgive me, its near the end of the day (here), and I should get danger money. I should have had the wit to put some humour into the title. - sorry!
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    I was excited at the chance of finally reading a good joke on the calculus of variations, a most trite subject, but all for nothing.
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    So are there any "I Derive Your MILKSHAKE!" jokes yet?
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