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Math journals webapges?

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    I am looking for a math journal for "beginers".. i mean people who have not published anytihnig, i can not try a good and importnat journla becaue the snobs would not allow me to publish as i am completely unknown in the math world i anm looking for a journal on the web that allow you to ublish your ideas, i talked to my teacher to cooperate and help me but was useless ..so i would like to know where can you sed your math ideas i tried at arxiv.org but you must have an e-mail in your university..but i don,t have one so what can i do?..
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    Do you make as many unjustifiable assumptions in your math as you do here? Every person who has had a paper published was "unknown in math" at some point. Any decision by a journal to print or not print a submission is based on the content of the submission, not whether the author is "known".
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    I also hope you're better at math than you are at English grammar and spelling.
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    These "snobs" that publish in math and science journals are usually legitimite research scientists. There is a good reason why journals don't accept submissions from random people over the internet.
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    -is my spelling and grammar bad?..well i have a degree on fourth level (of 5 possible in english) perhaps it is because i type too fast and sometimes make mistakes.

    -These nasty snobs..why do not want to accept submissions?..in fact the sonbs at arixv.org do not want to accept my messages because i do not have an e-mail account at any university...they are judging me not by the works i am trying to submit but other thinngs..in my opinion this is to be an snob....100 years ago when einstein tried to post his ideas in the end a journal gave him an opportunity..now perhaps we have the web but there are no places where you can have your ideas reviewed thanks to this f....snobs, but yes i am sure that some of this snobs will se a good idea of mine or other person,s and will steal it to say it happened to him..this is how these people work...and make famous.

    -It is a pity there are no webpage where you can send and publish your ideas and have a copyright..yes of course i could publish them..in my personal webpage and get a snobish teacher steal them.
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    i think the person in question doesn't have a degree in math nor an affiliation with a university. i think he's talking about an uncredentialed person submitting to journals and your last statement, according to him or her is flat out wrong if they're not accepting any of his/her emails because the address doesn't end in edu. if,,,

    that grammar crack. what a waste of time. if i took a semester in a course designed to teach me enough german to read a math paper, i doubt my german writing would be without errors when trying to write something that's not about math. furthermore, i know a bunch of people who can write a decent proof without being able to write themselves out of a paper bag. while the two skills do build on each other, i don't think they depend on each other.

    oh wait, my gammar is bad because i don't capitalize anything, i guess that means i can't write a mathematical paper. i must be one of those weirdos who thinks meaning and substance are more important than grammar. but the originator of this thread should know that bad grammar will probably keep him/her from being published unless the math part is so good the editors will correct it.
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    Well, that's a tautology isn't it! "if they're not accepting any of his/here emails because the address doesn't end in edu. " then my statement was wrong. Yes, if you assume I was wrong then I was wrong! I may be old fashioned but it seemed to me better to mail a journal submission rather than e-mail it anyway. It has been my experience that journal editors automatically send a submission to a referee without regard to any address line. There may be some referees who then look first at the address but I do not know of any evidence that that always happens. Certainly any referee know that his job is to report on the quality of the submission.

    Certainly, most math journals have high standards. One of the things one does in graduate school much more than as an undergraduate is look at "rigor" and what precisely constitute a valid proof. I'm not at all sure that a great many people who have an undergraduate major in mathematics would know how to construct a proof of the quality necessary. It is my experience that even good undergraduates tend to mistake "hand waving" for rigor.

    By the way, you quote only me and I did not make the remark about "grammar". I am aware that many people whose native language is not English use this forum so I don't consider that relevant.
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