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Math Major- Where to go next?

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    My girlfriend is a senior Math major with a 3.55-3.6 gpa. She was planning on going an extra year as an undergrad to Double Major in Math and Physics and go on to get her PhD in Cosmology or Physics. Although after a summer research internship she does want to do that anymore. She had to do a lot of computer programming and that's not her thing. She feels that as a physics professor, research consists of sitting at a computer all day, working on the same problem for a year or more, and not making really big breakthroughs, and she can't stand it.

    So now she might just complete her math major and get a physics minor and not go the extra year. I should also point out she has been working as a Math tutor for years at the university and is very good at it.

    So she is at a dilemma of where to go from there. She likes undergraduate math and could make a good college math teacher, but is turned off by graduate level math and doesn't know if she could persevere to get a Math phd. She is also unsure of prospects of teaching high school level math and how to get certified for that.

    So in a nutshell she is a good problem solver, a good teacher, can survive an extremely heavy workload, and likes undergrad math. She wants to stay busy with many different problems that can be solved in days rather than years. She is considering many different options, even thought about med school. Recommendations?
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    She might like teaching in a private or public high school, depending on if she can maintain her knowledge and skills. An undergraduate degree in Mathematics is usually enough, aside from other standard tests, to become a high school teacher (also subject matter tests, acceptance into a credential program, certain other combinations of coursework along with your major concentration). She already has tutoring experience, so that would give her potentially a strong start.
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