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Math + Me + SATs = Help

  1. May 14, 2006 #1
    Okay, so I have... problems with math. As in, we repell. Big time. Right now I'm working towards my SATs, which I'm hoping to take this summer. I was wondering if anyone could give me the basics of what they'll test me on? I bought an SAT book, and I've been looking online, but I'm still fairly unclear on it. This summer I plan to spend working and studying, and I'll be ready for anything that comes to me in the fall, but right now I'm still worried.

    Any help is greatly, greatly appreciated. :)
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    Take a few practice tests, and look in the book you bought. It should all be laid out for you and become pretty clear once you've put in the time to practice.
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    SAT math isn't bad at all..
    However, you need to get a "feel" for what kind of questions they ask you, and it what format.
    The math is pretty simple... Algebra 1, Geometry and very little Algebra 2, but as I said, it's not what you know, it's the strategy you take to answer the questions and how you interpret what they're asking you.
    Your SAT book probably covers everything you need.
    Also, the English sections are like vocab tests.
    I'd go through a definition list if I were you.
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    You can subscribe to a newsletter that will give you a new SAT question every day with answer under http://wwwcollegeboard.com/apps/qotd/question . They also cover a lot of math questions, so I can definitely recommend it to you. :)
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    The math questions are more tricky than difficult. If the answer seems like its going to take way too long, you are prob approaching it the wrong way. Many terms will end up canceling out as you work out the problem, such as radicals and so on. So try not to evaluate terms like that, keep them inside the radical for example. there is no trig or calculus, just algebra and geometry. I find myself impressed by the creativity of the problems on these tests, they are usually very simple, its just finding the right approach. You will find this out if you get an interactive test prep program where it will give worked out solutions for the problems. more often than not, you will slap your head after seeing the worked out solution saying to youself "oh man, that was tricky, you bastards!". i hope i didnt confuse you, i tend to ramble sometimes...
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    Take a few practice tests. I would highly recommend getting the College Board's SAT book, aka "blue book". Or, if you don't want to buy it, go to your local Barnes and Noble and check it out. I took a few AP Physics practice tests at Barnes and Noble while sipping a java chip frapp from their starbucks :)
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    =) Thanks, guys! I really appreciate it. I've been Googling around and found some good Math tests that are in the same basic format, and I've been spending quite a bit of time at the book store. I also have made friends with a really nice guy who double majors in Physics and Math, and has offered to help me with everything without charge (Now that may be because he only wants to get into my pants, but I am willing to pay him. For the tutoring, that is). So I should be good.

    Thanks!!! I really appreciate it.
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