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Math Minor

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    I am currently enrolled as a 1st semester junior at clemson university (this is my freshman year though, just exempted a bunch of classes) and am a physics ba major. I've decided to minor in mathematical sciences and I was wanting to take higher level classes that would apply to advanced physical fields. Any course suggestions? (I've already taken Calculus I-IV so please don't include those in your suggestions)
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    I'm doing a similar thing, but spread over four years. I don't really know what you mean by Calc I-IV, so I'll assume you've covered up to a semester on ODE's. After that, you'll need to study linear algebra, complex analysis, PDE's, perhaps differential geometry, and some courses on dynamical systems and numerical methods.

    Just a thought, how do you plan on doing a physics major in 2 years? AP Physics isn't even remotely close to a rigorous first Mechanics and E/M introduction, if you plan to pursue physics, I'd definitely recommend retaking them. My school offers a "honors" track which more or less assumes you breezed through AP Physics and delves more deeply into the math and physics.
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    I'm still enrolled for 4 years, it's just that I'm listed as a junior, so I'm taking all the required physics classes. By calculus I-IV i meant I'm curently in ode so you're right, and I plan on taking linear algebra, but what is complex analysis?
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