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Math music

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    Are there any songs you've designated as songs you like to listen to while doing mathematics?

    I think my number one favorite is this piece:

    Light, not distracting, and has that concentration factor.
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    I Will Derive x)

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    Rofl! The calculus book in the vid is also the exact one i have this semester.
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    This music piece (and others by Wim Mertens) is excellent. It's especially good if you're doing mind-numbing calculations like derivatives. With a little practice, you can do it on the rythm of the music.

    And this nice piece of music makes you feel like a genius and makes you see all the structures, numbers and theorems flying all around you:
    Check out other music from that soundtrack!
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    I think jazz might be what you could call 'math music'. But, nothing too fancy.
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    I knew the second one sounded familiar! They use it on the euler's identity proof video.

    But I think you forgot to link to the first?
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    Find the common factor behind "There is a delta for every epsilon", "The derivative song" and, of course, "New Math"
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    Here it is: :biggrin:
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