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Math of quantum physics

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    hi al..I have just now started to learn quantum physics! previously I had some part of it indirectly in my undergraduate electrical engineering.However,the math part seems to be difficult for me! I wanna learn completely the math part.I need one such good material forlearning the math of QM.please do suggest me one! the book should give a proper insight.thanks!
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    I am an engineering graduate too who has tried to teach myself some quantum mechanics.

    Surprisingly, the self instruction book "Quantum Mechanics Demystified" presents the higher level math very well. You can get a used copy on the internet for under $10.
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    for a good text i recommennd i quantum mechanics by robert scherrer, but its expensive, and very light on complex subjects.
    introduction to quantum mechanics by griffiths is the usual choice for lecturers and that one is quite cheap and widely available, takes a while to get used to though.
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