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Math or Maths

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    Not sure what forum this should go in. But does anyone know why mathematics is math in the US and maths in the UK?

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    Brits add the s because the word "mathematics" ends in "s". Americans tend to just use initial letters for abbreviations.
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    Just the different quirks of two different countries separated by a common language.

    Why do Canadians open and close their lights while Americans turn theirs on and off? The really puzzling thing is that Canadians have to close the switch in order to open their lights, and have to open the switch to close their lights. :biggrin:
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    I've always thought they were in the same league with "behavior-behaviour","hemoragia-haemoragia",and many more.

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    Maybe the Brits just like to stick in extra letters to make us Yanks cranky: alumin(i)um, travel(l)er, labo(u)r...

    Or maybe we took them out to make them cranky. :rofl:
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    It's a trade-off between efficiency and vulgarity.
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    Never heard of that.

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    I second ek. I am Canadian and have been turning on and turning off lights all my life. Furthermore, all of the switches I have encountered have been either labelled with ON and OFF, or nothing at all. Occasionally, I'll be daring and shut off the lights instead, but that is the extent of the variation I allow in my vernacular.


    *Edit* GASP! I realise I have been lax...for occasionally I have been known to switch on and off the lights as well.
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    Sometime after the american revolution there was a huge revisionism of the English language to make it more American. The American revolution was more profound and complete than many realize.
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