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Courses Math or Physics?

  1. Apr 10, 2017 #1
    I'm currently a math undergrad, and I find that I love both, Math and Physics, and I want to study Mathematical Physics in grad school, but now I've to decide which path should I follow, next year I could change my degree to physics (my UNI physics department is much better structured and renowned than the math department), then take a lot of math courses, or I should stay in math and take physics courses.
    1. If I choose the first option which math courses should I take?
    2. If I choose the second one, which physics courses are "more important"?
    What courses are more important to "complement" each option? (1 and 2)

    A list of the most important courses available.
    Algebra 1 & 2
    Real Analysis
    Analysis in R^n
    Fourier Analysis
    Functional Analysis

    Electromagnetism 1 & 2
    State of Matter 1 & 2
    Classical Mechanics 1 & 2
    Solid-State Physics 1 & 2
    Computational Physics
    General Relativity
    Statistical Mechanics
    Quantum Mechanics 1 & 2
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    This looks like a list of the maths courses you would take in any physics program. In particular if you want to do mathematical physics, you will need it all (you might grt away without topology if doing something more experimental or phenomenological). I would also add complex analysis.

    Like above, this looks pretty much like a standard physics program. Depending on your interests you might be able to skip some of the "2s", but as a physicist you should have a basic knowledge in all those subjects.
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    I would regard the ones I've bolded as more important than the others.
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