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Math Ph.D/Comp Sci Minor

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    Hello, I'm an undergraduate math student planning on getting a Ph.D in math after I get my B.S. in pure math. I am wondering if a computer science minor really helps say, if you plan on going into Cryptography, or if it is more like what one teacher of mine put it, "if you have an advanced math degree and you say you can program, people will probably believe you." The reason why I'm wondering is that I've learned a lot of the material for the computer science minor offered at my school on my own but, I feel as if I wont have that much time to finish up the minor and study as hard as I want to for the G.R.E. math test as well as the various REUs I will be doing. Any thoughts?
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    In STEM fields, there's a high likelihood that you will be doing some programing at one point or another in your career. Possibly, a lot of it. If you need the experience, then by all means go for it. However, having it show up as a minor on your transcript will probably have zero impact on your career.
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    Agreed. There's a computational finance degree at my school that fully expects 80% of its graduates to go into programming of some sort. But no programming class is required; they just expect you to pick it up.

    I think your teacher is right, Dmak. If you can understand the Hahn-Banach theorem, you can do C++.
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