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Math/Physics during High School

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    Hello all, I have a question relating to mathematics and Physics taken in high school.

    I am in 10th grade, and if i take the regular route I will take pre-calculus and AP Physics B during my junior year and AP Calc BC and possibly self-study AP Physics C during my senior year.

    Or...I can take pre-calculus during the summer at the local community college (I would rather self study, but my math teacher at the HS said I wouldn't be prepared fully to take Calc BC), and then take AP Calc BC during my junior year, along with AP Physics B and then senior year take some math and calculus-base physics at either Cleveland State or Case Western. (I assume I would be taking calculus base physics more advanced than AP Physics B and math more advance than AP Calc BC).

    I am leaning toward a major in physics, but I deffinetly havent decided what I want to do yet. I would like to apply to the most selective schools like MIT and I want to know if this would increase my chances of getting accepted and whether it is safe to take pre-calc in the summer (I know you need a good rooting in basic mathematic to succeed later on at an University)

    Also, would taking the second route (pre-calc in summer, college during senior year) increase my potential at tests such as the AMC?

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    If you choose to self study Calculus before actually stepping into AP Calculus BC, you better know your stuff. Calc BC is no joke, it's much harder than AB and requires you to know the basic information (Derivatives, Anti-derivatives etc). I know a lot of very intelligent students who are struggling to make a C in Calc BC.
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