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Math Physics Reference Advice

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a physics graduate student (going for my masters) currently taking math physics looking for useful books on math physics. I really want to find books/websites that shows the step by step process of how to do for example PDE's, ODE's, cauchy-riemann equations, tips, tricks, involving math in physics. I also would like the books/websites to explain the purpose of the mathematics. I went into graduate school for physics with knowledge of Calc 1 through 3, discrete math, and linear algebra. Sadly I wish I had time for other math classes but now I need to gain this knowledge on my own. So any advice will be helpful. I'm not afraid of hard work to understand the concepts and methods. I'm working very hard to understand everything I can so I can make my future classes more enjoyable.

    Key notes: I need books/websites with great in depth examples. Books/websites without heavy math terminology like a book for dummies. The books/websites should also explain the purpose of the math used. <-- I know this is like looking for the fountain of youth but maybe there are great guides out there.

    Any advice on what worked for you when you didn't have knowledge on a specific math class will be helpful too.

    Thank you
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