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Math + Physics vs Math + CS

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    I made a thread recently that asked whether I should major in CS + Physics or Computational Mathematics + Physics. However, I have inquired about CS + Physics and it seems like it is not achievable in a reasonable time frame at my Uni. I have since reformulated, and come to the following three choices:

    Math + CS
    Math + Physics
    Computational Math + Physics

    However, it appears that CS + Physics is simply not an option as it will take too much time.

    Thank you
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    CS + Physics is an odd combination. Math + physics is an ok combination, CS + math as well, but it has nothing to do with physics really, computational math + physics is a good combination in the modern computerized world.

    If you want to work with computers and physics, then you'll want to do computational physics or similar, which is practically pretty much "computational math + physics".
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    Well, what is it that you want to do? Are you trying to do something like quantum computing that you're interested in combining physics and CS?
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    OP has been banned. Thread locked.
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