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Math Problem

  1. Oct 12, 2004 #1
    could someone show or help to show me the proof of 10 cubed squared to the four could be 100 octrillion googol googol googol googol googol googol googol googols? I hope i have wrote it out right.

    Thankyou sir's
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    ((103)2)4= 103*2*4= 1024.

    Now, what is your definition of "octrillion" and "google"?
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    hmm im not sure hence my difficulty, googol would be 10^100 and is octrillion 10^27 or something, im not sure.
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    Actually, that would be googol. A Google is a web search engine.
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    lmao, yes that would be the one, maybe ill casually edit my previous posts.
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    hmm so basically it cant ever be that, the question seems so flawed, maybe i have copied it down wrong, ill have to check tomorrow
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