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Math problem

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    Hello everyone
    I want to solve this equation
    F(x)=Ax/((bx*x)+c =constant which is an odd function in which we get same positive and negative solutions for each F
    But If I solve his equation I get two different x values for The same F any suggestions??
    Thank you
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    Do you mean two different x values for the same value of what you're calling the constant?

    Graph y = x/(x^2 + 1) to get an idea of what your function F looks like.
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    First thank you for the reply
    Second yes these are all constants but what I am asking about is how come if I solve it analytically I would not get 2 values on x same but opposite to each other
    But different values of x
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    Simon Bridge

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    ... surely you are treating x as a variable?
    You seem to be wanting to solve: $$a=\frac{x}{bx^2+c}$$... here a=<constant>/A which is also a constant.

    This becomes ##abx^2-x+ac = 0## which is a quadratic equation.

    You are getting two possible values of x for given values of a,b, and c because there are two possible values that make the relation true. What is the problem?

    Your concern seems to be that you are getting ##\pm## <the same number> as the roots ... if so, then please show your working.
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