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Homework Help: Math question, please help asap.

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    If the average of 8 consecutive numbers is X. What is the largest number in terms of X?

    I have no idea on how to solve this question. thx.
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    let the largest number be n, the rest is n-1,n-2.....n-7...the average of these eight number is X... you have 1 equation and two unknow... so you can find n in term of X
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    the sum of 8 consecutive numbers can be written as such: (n+n+7)8/2 following the whole (n1+nfinal)(total/2) form. Using this, we get that (n+n+7)4/8=x or 2x=2n+7, meaning that n=(2x-7)2
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    o ok i c, but u must set another variable.
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