Math reading recommendations?

Hi all, I'm a graduating senior and I'm interested in covering and recovering mathematics to the calculus level. I've been feeling that all of my math courses to this point, high school and before, haven't really taught me much of anything in the way of real mathematics. I was looking for some recommended reading that would cover precalculus topics, such as algebra and trig, and some lower level calculus.

I've heard good things about Gelfand's Trigonometry and perhaps Algebra as well, but not much outside of that. Any help?
There's a good series (Dover, I think) that produces a "teach yourself ....."

I used it for Differential Calculus (exclusively, never took a "real" course) and it's held up through the full Calculus sequence, Diff Eq, Linear Algebra, and all my physics courses.

I'd recommend it, definitely.
There's a precalculus book that came out recently, by Axler. I don't like his style, but I was impressed with the book.
Good, i'll look in to it. Any others?
leithold... the calculus 7.
pretty much the standard calculus book. explains things so well without losing the proofs and such.

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