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Math, reality, and sense

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    I have heard the expression, "the more math makes sense, reality doesnt.... and the more reality makes sense, math doesnt". Can someone give an example of this expression? What does it mean?
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    I have absolutely no idea- it makes no "sense" to me! But then, I lost touch with reality long ago!!

    I have never seen nor heard the expression before. It may simply be referring to the fact that mathematics, as such, does not necessarily have to model reality.
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    I will really thank you for explanation
    to the quote about Euclid’s in your reply

    thank you
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    matt grime

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    It's the title of a poem by Edna St. VIncent Millay:

    Euclid alone
    Has looked on beauty bare, fortunate they
    Who, though once only and then but far away,
    have heard her massive sandal set on stone.
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    A nice poem
    and thank you matt !

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