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Math required for String/M-theory

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    Hi all, I was interested in seeing what math is required to study string/m-theory, all responses would be greatly appreciated.
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    Music, is a good one. Other then that, I have my own little explination, granted I don't know the equasion form of it, I still try and program it. So far it seams to be working, but this is only an opinion. I dont think thier is a proven way to make a string to study, other then the waves of music and noise. But hopefully the Divisional Continuum does, it seams very much like it. And if you surf through the "What is nothing?" discussion I have attached a program that does a single path, or string through this idea.
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    The math for string theory includes complex variables (analytic and meromorphic functions, riemann surfaces, conformal mapping), familiarity with higher algebra (rings, fields, algebras, ideals, representations), and very advanced calculus (beyond the usual advanced calculus and covering distributions, advance integral methods and the like). Grad students in theoretical physics get this with their course work.
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    Thanks for the Replies! I was just wondering because I want to get into theoretical physics when I go to grad school in 3 years. Im very excited about it and I was just trying to prepare math courses that i should take in the next three years. Again, thank you for your replies. :smile:
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    Undergraduate prep courses: Advanced calc, ordinary diff eq, partial diff eq if offered, compex variables (or "analysis") if offered, modern algebra. Plus talk to your advisors and math professors.
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    Do you have any recommendations for a good study of "familiarity with higher algebra (rings, fields, algebras, ideals, representations)"?

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