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Math, science and bridge (+other games)

  1. Nov 21, 2003 #1
    Well, I want to know what kind of games (preferably card games and board games) do people who love science like to play. I specify the card game, bridge because people around me always give me the impression that if they love math, probably they also love playing bridge. Do you find people interested in math love playing bridge also?

    I love playing bridge and in summer holidays, I can stay up for a whole night and play online bridge (have several stable bridge partners). I've taught a few friends of mine how to play but it seems that they aren't that interested in it.

    I also love playing Winmine, so does my math teacher! I also love playing Reversi, Chinese Chess, Chinese checkers, Hex, Dots, Solitaire, etc. I'll learn GO and chess in the coming summer holiday. What a pity that I can't join the Chess Tournament in PF as I don't know how to play.
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