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Math skills for astrophysic?

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    Hello everyone! I just registered on this forum!
    I've been interested in astronomy and cosmology for quite a few years now, and I'm thinking of doing astrophysics. The only problem is: I'm not good at pure math. As long as I see the practical use of math, I'm quite good, but as soon as it becomes too theoretical, where I don't know how it could be of any use in practical work, I lose interest. Now my question is: are pure math skills (i.e. theorethical math) in astrophysics important? thank you!
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    Even in theoretical fields of astrophysics the math you do will have physical significance. Physicists and astronomers tend to learn the math you need to solve problems, not math for the sake of math. I'm good at math, certainly, but I wouldn't have been a math major. I'm not that interested in it for it's own sake.
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