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Math Software for Self Study

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    I'm an engineer student, and I think I need a refresher on everything from algebra to calculus. Would definitely appreciate it if some of you can provide recommendations for some math self study software.
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    It's a web site, not software, but a number of people have made favorable remarks about Khan Academy:


    Disclaimer: haven't tried it myself.
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    Try looking at mat tutor dot com (without spaces of course)
    Math Tutor educational software series is a proven family of high school and middle school math teaching and review academic tutorial software programs. Schools seeking curriculum based interactive math learning software for Grades 6-12 will find the series to be ideal. Parents in need of home school math learning and tutorial software will also find the series to be ideal. Schools, families, and individuals alike have found the Math Tutor series to offer the best math educational teaching software available anywhere. The series is also effective for remedial and developmental math instruction. The subject of pre-algebra serves as a critical foundation for the math subjects that follow. Pre-Algebra in our "Concepts and Skills Series" is an outstanding pre-algebra academic tutorial software program.

    It is complemented by Pre-Algebra in our "Practice and Review Series", which is a highly effective pre-algebra review and practice instructional software package. Each of the subjects that follow pre-algebra - algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2, trigonometry, and calculus - is given outstanding, comprehensive treatment by other programs in the series. For example, Algebra 1 in the "Concepts and Skills Series" will help students learn the concepts of elementary algebra, and basic problem solving. Algebra 1 in the "Practice and Review Series" will help students build mastery in solving problems of intermediate and advanced difficulty.
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    Thank you! Very useful site indeed
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