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Math software

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    I am looking for math software that will fit a set of points with a cubic spline (or other technique)....then allow the user to change the shape of the curve by dragging it...and continuously fit the curve as the dragging is occurring (or fit the curve after the dragging has stopped). The point on the curve that is being dragged must not deform it enough such that the curve becomes discontinuous.

    Does such software exist? I have been working on generating a set of curves that will help solve an engineering problem I am working on...but each time I apply a new curve, I am finding I must readjust it. Finding a new set of curves takes a couple of hours....considering this is an iterative process...I may be working on this problem forever.

    Any suggestions would be great.
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    math softwares are solve your problems, but not how to solve. So you look for some online math tutoring services.
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    What does this mean? I am looking for software to help me solve a problem...it won't solve it for me. If you don't know a useful answer to the question...how about keeping your useless comments to yourself.
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    Photoshop can make curves using splines. And you manipulate them by dragging the knots or some handles controlling curvature and direction.
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    Also you *could* use mathematica however you would need to actually code the program yourself.
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    I am actually already working with source code that plots....so it looks like I will need to add control points to the curve and trap events mouse down, mouse up and mouse move while joining the control points with a spline for the bezier curves...this is doable.
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    Matlab and mathematicia are good ones I know
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