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Math software

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    Is there a program that would allow me to write out and solve math problems on my computer, the reason is my professor only wants problems typed and printed from the computer, not hand written.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by "and solve math problems". I'm sure you professor wants you to do that part yourself! The "word for windows" that comes with windows has an "equation editor". To access it, click on "insert", then "object" and choose "microsoft equation editor" from the list.
    If you use equations a lot (and I do), you can put an "equation" shortcut on the tool bar. Click on "Fromat", then "customize" and then on the "Commands" tab. You can click on "insert" to get a list of commands that are under the "insert" menu item. Scroll down to "equation editor" (the icon is a little [itex]\sqrt{\alpha}}[/itex]) and then drag it to one of the toolbars at the top of the page.

    If this isn't clear to you, click on "help" and then search for "equation".
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    Thanks, and for the sovling part i meant I do the work on paper then show each step typed up.
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    As a free (and prettier) alternative to Equation Editor, you can download and install the MiKTeX small package and install TeXniCenter for a nice editing interface. This will yield equations in the style of those displayed on these forums.
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    Try Scientific Notebook. It is TeX based but hides the inner workings of TeX from the user and works just like a word processor. SN also has a muPAD engine which means that it does math and graphics! It is very easy to use and produces outstanding results.
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    I would also recommend MiKTeX. I've used TeXniCenter, but I prefer a text editor (Crimson Editor in my case) for myself.
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