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Math Subfields use in String Theory

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    I've been accepted into University of Michigan, Princeton, and MIT, and I am intent on majoring in physics with a strong emphasis on string theory, as I already have some math background. Anyways..... I have a tough choice to make..... but first I am making my schedule. I'm stuck on 4th year though,in what math courses I should take, so could someone provide insight on which would be the best for string theory?
    Could some rate how useful these following areas of areas are in string theory in a following scale: not useful at all, somewhat useful, very useful, essential

    -Group Theory, Lie Algebras, Algebra

    - Topology (Algebraic, Differential and General, Combanitorics)

    - Analysis: (Complex, Real, Calculus of Variations)

    -Functional Analysis

    - Advanced ODE's and PDE's

    -Differential Geometry

    -Algebraic Geometry

    - Probability Theory

    - Set Theory/ Logic

    - Number Theory
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    i don't know much about string theory but I was an invited speaker at the institute for theoretical physics in trieste at a conference on string theory and my topic was riemann surfaces, so presumably riemann surfaces is a useful topic.
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