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Math symbols in word? hurry please

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    I am making a formula page in word. I tried using the latex here and cut%paste but when i print it prints in a nasty pink/purple colour despite the black appearance on the screen. So i need to know how to do math basic maths in word specifically making fraction so I can have something like [tex]\frac{x}{y}[/tex] instead of having to write x/y please help someone. or tell me how to make the latex not print pink. that would help to. :rofl:
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    Word includes an Equation Editor. It may not be installed by default, however, so you might need to find your Office install CD and install it from there.

    - Warren
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    Look up something called "MathType"
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    I know how to make your latex not print in pink, it should be so easy. First off, answer this. Does anything black and white print in pink? You can save each picture as a *.png, then past them into work, that will surely work. if you need help quick, give me your AIM or MSN or something, I will show you how to do it, hehe.
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