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Math teacher ?

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    i dont know if i should post this here , Does anyone know if it is hard to get a job
    as a math teacher with just a master's in math to be able to teach at a college.
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    It should not be difficult to get a job as, say, an "instructor" teaching basic freshman classes. But to get tenure, to be promoted to "Assistant Professor", etc., almost all colleges require a doctorate.
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    but it would be fairly easy to get a job as an instructor to teach freshman classes.
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    You don't say where this is, I will assume USA.

    For position as "regular faculty" it is increasingly the case that even 2-year colleges seek only candidates with Ph.D. However: many colleges, even big-name universities, are hiring many "part-time" or "temporary" or "adjunct" instructors. This means probably no job security from one year to the next; maybe even no benefits. But also perhaps no rigid requirement of a Ph.D.
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    yes usa , idaho to be more precise
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